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I recently got an email asking for help. It’s not rare for me to get an email/tweet/message across Facebook wanting to know if there is anything I can offer that can help sell books. What is rare, as I’ve come to discover, is people actually taking the advice I give.

You see, I don’t sugar coat anything. I let them know that I’ve read every how-to book there is when it comes to publishing and marketing. Everyone seems to be looking for that golden trick that will vault them into sales. There is no golden trick. You simply quit looking for an easier way and understand that writing (for a living) is supposed to be hard. Then you start writing your ass off. This is also why I don’t understand the NaNoWriMo movement. For people that have figured out that hard work leads to success, we don’t call it NanoWrimo. For us, it’s just Friday.

Stop wasting time searching for a quicker way to earn big bucks. The folks in writing who are earning big bucks (there aren’t many) didn’t get there quickly. Stop making excuses, turn the internet off and start slinging ink! That’s the only guaranteed path to success. So yea, rather than answer the next 100 emails, I decided to blog this and point them into the blog’s direction when the time comes.


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