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2016 LFL Power Rankings

Today the LFL released its official Power Rankings with a week until the 2016 season kicks off. Where do my rankings differ? Let’s find out.

1. Seattle Mist


If I have one rule when it comes to sports, that rule is you never go against a defending champion until that champion gets beaten. Do I believe the Mist will repeat as LFL Champions? No. But I do believe they are the strongest team to begin the season.

2. Atlanta Steam


I would love to take the Steam at my #1 pick here and I do believe they will ultimately win the LFL Championship this year. However, that blowout loss in the playoffs to finish last season continues to bother me. They have the best QB (in my opinion) and the should-be MVP in Lauren Ziegler. This team will mature enough to take the next step and it’ll happen this season. Take it to the bank.

3. Omaha Heart


This is where I begin to disagree with the LFL’s current reporters. Do I believe that putting Omaha at #3 is a reach? Yes. But I believe they finished last year with heart (pun intended) and they have Sarah Jayne Thompson who I feel could eat MVP Brace for dinner. Thompson is like a machine and this team wants to win. Hard work beats talent when it outworks talent, and I believe the Heart have worked their way into the 3rd spot.

4. Chicago Bliss


I will guarantee you this here and now. For all of Rockstar Furr’s faults and bad mechanics last season, the Bliss are about to discover how good of a player she truly was. I watched film on the Bliss and it always came down to Furr’s ability to play stellar on defense and at QB, she was perhaps the smartest player in the league. The Bliss have the running attack, but that will only take you so far.

5. Los Angeles Temptation


I had to fight off the temptation of dropping L.A. to #6 overall because I feel like the wheels are falling off. We saw it during the playoffs and they’ve lost talent in the off-season as well. It happens to every team eventually, especially a team with such a deep history of winning. Rebuilding is in the air, but at least they have a handful of expansion teams to feast on.

6. Dallas Desire


With my ear to the ground, workouts looked solid for the Desire. Yes folks, I cover the LFL much like water covers this fantastic rock of ours. I’m everywhere. I do believe the Desire are the best of the expansion teams given the fact that they’re not long removed from previously having been a team. Some of the talent remains, though I dare say that the game now moves a bit faster. Prepare, Dallas.

7. Austin Acoustic


Somewhere, fans in New England are cursing this blog. I thought I’d have fun with #7 and #8 as I believe it’ll be very close. Austin is a young team and they’re learning the LFL way of life, much like New England is. The difference, I believe, is the state of Texas. There’s a football mentality in Texas and you simply cannot overlook it. These girls will be ready to play.

8. New England Liberty


The Liberty clock in on my list at #8, but could very well be 7th, 6th or even 5th (yes, the Temptation will be that bad). Until we see them in action, it’s mere speculation. It’s one thing to work the drills at camp, but it’s another thing to have the pads boomed on you in real-time. I’m not sold on the fact that New England is as tough at its roots as anywhere in Texas, but I suppose we’ll find out.


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