LFL Game Preview: Austin @ Seattle


Let’s be honest. No one who follows the LFL is giving Austin a chance in this game. Last season, the Seattle Mist sent shockwaves throughout the league (and women’s football, for that matter) by winning the LFL Championship. They’re anchored by a quarterback who plays like Aaron Rodgers and have the league MVP in Danika Brace. The Mist literally have weapons at every position. Meanwhile the Austin Acoustic are an expansion team filled with new faces. Truthfully speaking, this should be one hell of a welcome to the LFL.

Texas is known for its toughness and the folks who live there are equally as tough. This game will be played in Seattle, though, which completely stacks the deck against the Acoustic. I expect Austin to play hard and slowly begin to understand how fast the LFL game moves. This will be a learning experience and playing against Seattle will field lots of valuable experience. We’ll also be able to get our first real look at Austin. In the end, Seattle’s dominance will be too much.

Prediction: Seattle 41 – Austin 10

John M. Davis is a former LFL reporter who continues to follow the league through his own blog. You can also like the Facebook page at: facebook.com/lflimpact


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