LFL UPDATE: Chicago Bliss


The Chicago Bliss continue to fall from grace following their upset loss in the Legends Cup game to the Seattle Mist. First came the loss of Quarterback Heather Furr. While she wasn’t a prototypical QB and didn’t have the mechanics of a franchise player, Furr was very smart in the pocket. She understood how to manage the game and pick up reads, based on the film we’ve seen. On top of that, she’ll be a huge loss given her large footprint on the defensive side of things. Something that was generally overlooked, but shouldn’t have been. Enter a player with virtually no game experience at the QB position. While athletically sound, it doesn’t bring a lot of hope to an offensive unit that was already considered one-dimensional.

Yesterday, the Bliss released Nneka Nwani (an All-Star player) from its roster. She didn’t have the right mentality, we get it, and she was often late to practices and team meetings. The Bliss can’t be faulted here. That said, she was another player that the Bliss could not afford to lose. They’ve replaced her with a rookie and while Coach Hack says he expects better things from her – we’ll believe it when we see it.

The Chicago Bliss are in a world of hurt, folks. Can they ride the legs of their stallion back into the playoffs once more? Maybe. But the Atlanta Steam smell the blood and now look to feast on the Bliss, who now find themselves on the ropes. August 6th, mark it down. The Steam have a score to settle.


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