#LFL Preview: New England @ Omaha


Welcome to the LFL, New England! The Liberty take the field with their highly-celebrated QB, Alex Drake. She’ll walk into the perfect environment to get her feet wet as the Omaha Heart fielded the league’s worst record of all-time last season. The question is, have they improved?

Since the first time I watched Omaha’s Sarah Thompson on film, I’ve truly been a fan. She may not have the flash (or marketability) of Seattle’s reigning MVP, but I feel that she’s a more complete football player. Yes, I said it. I would take Thompson over Brace. The problem she faced last season in Omaha is a serious lack of talent around her. They couldn’t find a QB and their coaching was admittedly bad. Still, Thompson stood out as a Jim Brown-type of player.

Alex Drake will now lead her Liberty into battle in one of the LFL’s best places to play. The fans are dedicated and support the Heart. So who do you take? The young gunslinger with tremendous upside, yet no experience or the brutally tough veteran who remains on a team that is unproven? I believe this will be a good football game. It’ll be filled with the typical blunders of new players and miscues of a team that had a rough go of it last season. I’ll be paying close attention to the coaching change on Omaha’s sideline. Expect flashes of greatness and very hard hitting. If it remains close, Omaha will prevail. Otherwise, the Liberty could take it.

Prediction: Omaha 28 – New England 21

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