Official Game Preview (LFL Network): Seattle vs. Los Angeles

In this game of bitter rivals, the defending champs will face the Los Angeles Temptation in what should be a very hard hitting game. Skill aside, these two squads just don’t like each other. The Mist have shown very little respect for the Temptation after thrashing them last season on their way to becoming the league’s new powerhouse team. Meanwhile, there’s chatter within the Temptation ranks. Seattle is overrated.

They say that a puncher always has a chance. True, and Los Angeles certainly has that going for them. It would take a showing of excellence on their part, however, coupled with a complete breakdown by Seattle. The smart money here is on the Mist. They have the league’s current MVP in Brace, a gunslinger of a QB in Matheny and a plethora of talent on both sides of the football. Los Angeles will come in with the will to win and good coaching, but I don’t expect it to be enough.

In fact, I don’t even think this one will be close. While I respect what the Temptation have accomplished in the past, it seems like distant history at this point. It’s time to rebuild and unfortunately, that means taking a few beatings along the way.

Prediction: Seattle 35 – Los Angeles 14


John M. Davis is a bestselling author and former writer for He’s currently the Deputy Editor of LFL Network. He remains pissed that Fox cancelled Firefly after 1 season.


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