How to manipulate the #Facebook “News” Feed

Just a short blog here, but an important one if you get annoyed with Facebook’s serving of “news”. You’re not alone. Facebook serves up “news” as they see fit and it’s only human nature for their “unbiased” employees to pluck “news” that they feel you should see. You know, things that will ultimately make your blood boil or click bait. I’d like to share my workaround with you.


Here’s an actual screenshot of my “news” feed. Look, no debate on gun control. You’ll see nothing about folks arguing over public bathrooms. And, for the love of God almighty, you’ll see nothing related to Miley Cyrus. Nope, my “news” feed in now 100% sports. How? Simple.

Anything that you see listed in your “news” feed that you don’t want to see… Click the ‘X’ to the far right of the story and report it as offensive. See, Facebook wants to sell your information, therefore, the last thing they want to do is offend you. Marking something as offensive will guarantee that nothing close to the same subject hits your “news” feed again. I just happened to report everything but the sports stories. Oh, and I’ll leave you with this. Log out when you’re not using Facebook. They love to sell your internet usage tendencies to companies who want to sell you shit.

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2 thoughts on “How to manipulate the #Facebook “News” Feed

  1. Since I know that you and your wife share the same Facebook account, I’ve just have to say. Poor her. Only sport as far as the eye can see 😉
    However, I didn’t know that Facebook showed news.

    The “log out” only works to some extent, they still mine your computer with tracking cookies, which record everything you. Logging out will only make you having to log in again if you wanna press “like” on something you read, like if I wanna press “like” or “Share this on Facebook” on this post.
    But yes, it will keep them from tracking some of the stuff you do.

    1. Actually didn’t know they tracked based on ‘likes’. Just when you think it can’t get any more pathetic.

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