Why I’m The Last Pulp Author

OK, so I need to blog more often. It’s gotten so bad that when I do actually blog, my cell phone gets an alert for suspicious activity on my account. No seriously, that happened last week. Anyway…

Today I thought I’d ramble a bit on why I’m the last pulp author. Now let’s be honest. I’m not actually the last pulp author on the face of the planet. Still, I’m one of very few and the marketing people keep telling me to find my “brand identity”. Well, I write short stories by the bucketfuls and I write about science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and other strange tales. I don’t really do book signings because I’d rather be at the local bookstore, I dunno… Looking at books? I’m just that way about things. I write because it’s a creative outlet for me and I’m truly happy while doing it. My happy place is sitting in front of my computer late at night with a cup of coffee and a blank page to butcher.

As it turns out, I’m cut from the same cloth as your average pulp fiction author from around 1930. I don’t do this for riches or fame. For me, it’s about following my passion while trying to put food on the table. So there you have it, folks! I’m the Last Pulp Author by choice and if you haven’t read any of my work yet, please allow my growling stomach to point the way.


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