Resources for writers

I’m making absolutely no money off listing these. This is just my way of paying it foreword. If you’re blown away by how much I’ve helped you, I won’t stop you from buying one of my books.    🙂

Covers: It’s mind-blowing what people will pay for covers. All you really need it a decent photo program, a small bit of cash and about an hour. First, visit and pick out a few pieces of art (they’re 2 for $29 at time of blogging this). They allow commercial use once purchased. Next, head over to and work up some text. Save the text and then import both the text and photo into your editing program. Slap the text on and BAM!

Meatgrinder: If you know what I’m talking about – you know the struggle. Smashwords can be mighty tough to get through. There was (at last check) a working template on this website.

Open Office: I’ve used this program since day 1. It’s simple, yet mighty. Oh, and it’s as free as free can get. Get it here.

Music: Music, you ask. Of course! It’s a trick that I learned a while back. I created a playlist online and each day I listen to it as I write. What we do is fun, but routine is important. The music eventually trains your mind to be writing while it’s on. My actual playlist is here.

How do you promote effectively? Want secrets from best-selling authors?

Grab my book. I’ll show you how to do it for the price of a cup of coffee. -JD



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