The Resurgence of Nintendo

I can remember being a child. A good deal of things stand out about my youth, but one of the greatest things I remember is the original NES. That’s Nintendo Entertainment System, for you non-gamers out there. There was just something very cool about the box art for so many of the games. Most of my friends owned an NES and it wasn’t hard to swap cartridges and dive into a completely different game. Plus, let’s face it, the original gold Zelda case was awesome!


But then I lost my way. First came Sega and then the path turned into Playstation. Meanwhile, Microsoft put its own foothold on the industry and before long, even Nintendo lost its way by releasing a string of quirky game systems that didn’t catch on. I’m proud to say that both of us have learned a hard lesson over the years. It’s in my opinion that Nintendo has finally realized what gamers of today want. As VR gaming collapses around the industry’s feet (just as I predicted it would), there seems to be a growing movement of simplicity. Less online check-in restrictions and more plug and play. In fact, I just got finished restoring my Playstation (which took 17 hours). Being bent over at every turn and grudge banged by technology seems to be the new normal, and I can’t be the only one who’s tired of it. Enter the resurgence of Nintendo.

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is planning to release 2 new systems! The first will land this Christmas and is (I kid you not) a NES Mini, which looks just like the original game system (albeit smaller) and comes loaded with lots of classic games!

CnUun99UsAENXtn  Next year, Nintendo will be releasing a brand new system dubbed “Project NX”. No one seems to know anything about this new console and it has both Sony and Microsoft scrambling. I’m going to give you my honest take on what I believe the NX will be when it launches.


First, there will be no over-the-top fancy controller. Nintendo got burned on the Wii U and the biggest reason for the burn was an overpriced controller. I believe we’ll see both durability and simplicity. It will be everything the Wii U controller is not.

Second, I believe we’ll see HD and that’s about it. The gaming system will be plenty strong enough, but don’t expect a lot of online gaming features or the ability to use the new console as an entertainment hub. I don’t believe Nintendo cares about becoming either. The XBOX ONE and PS4 are pretty much PCs in a gaming box. Sorry folks, but it’s the truth. If you own one, you’re a PC gamer. Nintendo will stick to video gaming.

They’ll offer a Super Mario and a Zelda game at launch. Both games will propel the console’s sales and that will eventually lead to more 3rd party support.

They’ll remain kid-friendly. It’s well-known that Nintendo isn’t fond of killing or bloodshed in their video games. I believe that trend will continue.

Finally, and prepare for this one. Either Sony or Microsoft will fall behind Nintendo during this cycle of gaming systems. You laugh, but I’m serious. The PS4 and XBOX ONE are still kinda new, but aging quickly. Timing is everything in the gaming industry. If a person owns a PS4, for example, they’re not going to chunk out a lot of $ for a PS5 this early on. At least in most cases. Nintendo will be the new face in the room and their system will boast more power than the existing 2. That alone will draw curiosity and lots of sales, forcing the other companies to either sit back and get hit or release a new system far too early. Personally, I think it will be Microsoft and I think it’ll begin their demise in the gaming industry.

Bold predictions, I know. One thing that’s a certainty is John Davis being a Nintendo only man from this moment forward. I’ll be the first in line for both the NES Mini and the Nintendo NX when the time comes. Perhaps we just needed time apart. In any event, Nintendo and I will once again be wed in the world of video games. I suppose I need to dust my Metroid maps off and dig around for Zelda cheats all over again. Double Dragon, anyone?

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