Zombie love.

What does a group of travelers, a roadside diner just outside of Charlotte and Thursday afternoon have in common? A viral outbreak of the undead, of course! My brand new series DEAD is currently underway and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic tale of gut-munching goodness.

What separates my story from the stacks of others in a genre that’s been done to death (HA!)? Occasionally, among the rots will be an alpha version and they have the ability to reason. Moreover, they’re damn tough to kill and find sport in hunting down human survivors.

DEAD will officially launch on 1/1/2017. Sure, the first book will be done sooner but I want to roll this one out right. It’ll arrive in eBook, paperback, and I also plan to offer signed prints along with the release. This series is my final series as an author. Does that mean I’m giving it up? Absolutely not. But from this point forward I’m a zombie author and this story is my playground until the day I die. Unless I come back as an alpha, in which case I may continue writing. -jd



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