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This week my blog hit 25,000 views. I didn’t exactly join some elite group of rich authors. In fact, I’m still pretty poor. Most of us full-time creative types are. I always imagined that I’d be parking Porsche 911 cars in a garage by now (for the sake of collecting). Yet here I am, sitting in my pajamas and thinking about making a trip to the bookstore.

But this has given me some time to think about all of the changes my blog has seen. Let me throw a few photos up.

11 img_20130628_161926.jpg AupiGlFCQAE2yEy

BdoBz_SIUAEeJc9 IMG_20150711_124813 Scott

I’ve been writing (full-time) for right at 5 years now. What I’ve learned is this isn’t about making money. This whole, wonderful experience is about the experience itself. I’ve met fantastic people. My friend Amanda, for example, is a professional actress/model and graciously bailed me out on my very first book with cover art. She even went so far as to sign photo flats, allowing me to send them out to readers. Or Scott, who is a pretty awesome guy. He’s also Adam Michaels of the Gunship series and I actually remember what his wife cooked that night. Great memory. Or my editor, who I call “D” in emails. Why? Because I’m too lazy to write out his name, honestly. He should know… he quickly became my editor and now he knows all of my bad habits. He’s also a good friend and, at times, a therapist. I also remember the first time a brick and mortar bookstore had Gunship in stock. Go Roanoke, Virgina!

While I hoped to have a Porsche by now, I’m actually much happier without one. I get to take the stories inside of my head, put them to paper and people actually buy/read them. How fantastic is that? So this post isn’t just about hitting 25K views – this post is about all of you. Yes I read the emails. And yes, I see your tweets. You folks are awesome and I owe every ounce of success I have to you. Thanks a million! Here’s to plenty more years of writing!



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