The Last Pulp Author



^No, I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, I’m Burroughs’ biggest fan and have studied his writing formula.

People call me the last pulp fiction author, and it’s a title that I gladly accept. I can’t do the whole paranormal romance thing. That’s the newest trend, right? When it comes to writing, I don’t like rules. That’s the biggest reason that I enjoy the craft of writing. It’s my escape from a world filled with rules.

Pulp fiction is often thought of as strange because very little happens the way you’d expect it to. For me, that’s exciting. As a reader, the unexplained captives me whereas the cubicle infested world around us is boring.

The life of a 1920’s pulp fiction author wasn’t easy. The world didn’t have a television in every home and broadband internet to distract it. Entertainment, for the most part, fell to storytellers who needed to write fast and submit their stories to one of many pulp magazines. From there, they’d be paid just enough to eat and continue writing. World War 2 brought on a paper shortage and following the war, paperback books were introduced as the new mainstream for reading.

Yet here I am, writing pulp fiction. Perhaps I was born in the wrong decade…it’s not for me to say. I’m not a traditional novelist and grew tired of trying to become one. My talent is writing pulp fiction and this is my coming out party. If you’ve never read pulp fiction, i encourage you to do so. Heck, you can even start with a few of my short stories. -JD

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