My Election Thoughts

As someone who just began their journey to earn a bachelor’s degree in history, I’ve paid more attention to this election than any of the previous elections. This isn’t a gloating post, but rather an attempt to explain why President Trump won the election and who his voters really are.

As a whole, we are not racist or sexist, nor do we hate anyone. In fact, my belief is that love always wins. Let’s face it, neither candidate was perfect by any stretch of the imagination. What most of his supporters have known from the start is that Donald Trump means well, but also sometimes says/does things out of emotion. No, he isn’t going to start War War 3 (except against politicians in Washington D.C.). I have friends of all races and pretty much all religions. Most Trump supporters do. We’re not racist rednecks with pitchforks, like the media has made us out to be. What we are is a group of people who are tired of government overreach and incompetence on both sides of the aisle. We believe that a government exists to protect its people (all people) and beyond that, everything else should be done at the state and local levels.

I heard on television last night that many Democrats are now afraid. If you’re a Democrat, you don’t need to be. Because at the end of the day, no matter your race, gender or religion, we are all Americans. Make America Great Again was never about left vs. right. It’s about bringing this country together in unity and working together to fix what’s broken in Washington D.C. Like it or not, we’ve all been owned by Wall Street for decades. There’s a reason last night that the stock market nosedived while ordinary people like you and I were cheering in the streets. Hillary’s campaign spent an estimated $1.3 billion and the voice of the people was louder.

In closing, what makes this country so great is that it will always come down to the voice of the people. We need common sense gun laws, a health care system that works for everyone and most importantly, we need to get back to the feeling of pride in America. So no matter who you voted for – thank you for voting. Plenty of soldiers have died throughout the years to give us that right.

Relax, the best is yet to come!

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