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12/16/2016  Work continues of Graveyard, my brand new science fiction series. The first draft should be finished in early Jan. 2017, and it’s a good one. Even better – it may be coming to hardback!

12/16/2016  The Handsome Collection is coming soon, and contains all 30 of my previous novels, novellas and short stories. It’s a very healthy dose of adventure (900,000 words) and will be available on both Kindle and Nook at $7.99

Odyssey is in the final stages of its last edit, a month earlier than I had hoped. It’s a good one, folks; I can’t wait to get it out there to the rest of the world. I’m expecting it to be available between 12/26/2016 and 1/1/2017. Look for it.

Fans of EMMA, Reign of the Dead and Atlantis are in tears today. All 4 or them, as it seems. Sales have been dismal for each book and I can’t justify writing sequels for any of them. I do plan to rewrite each story’s ending to give closure.

Put a fork in Gunship, it’s done. A pretty good series, all things considered. It brought me to the dance and I’ll be forever grateful. It continues to sell well, but 6 books later (or 17 if you count Fleet and Heroes, which I do), the story has been told. Farwell, Dalton James…you whiskey hoarding bastard.

I have a massive science fiction project planned for 2017. Stay tuned, kiddos.

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