The Awakening



After several years of barely making it in the world of writing and praying for my “big break”, I woke up one Friday morning and realized that there are no big breaks. This was my personal awakening as a writer. I wasn’t upset by this – I was encouraged.

I became a creature of habit. I started getting up at the same time each morning, loading up a familiar playlist of music, and writing at least six good pages a day. Every day. I write when I’m sick and I write when healthy. As I put in the hard work, things began to happen for me.

I don’t write for the money or notoriety and, God willing, I never will. For me, writing is a process where I sit down and escape the world that we live in. I create things that are born from my own imagination and that’s a powerful thing. I’m known throughout the writing community as The Awakening Author. Some might consider me to be brilliant, while others view me as delusional. Either is fine by me, because I see myself as happy. That’s the real pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, not money. Happiness.

I don’t care what your situation is or how beat down you might feel. Spiritually, emotionally, financially…the solution is always the same. Form good habits, have complete faith in your future and work your tail off. Success isn’t a fluke and it certainly isn’t the product of luck. Success is believing in yourself when things are at their worst and then staying the course. Each of us is our own biggest critic. Once you convince yourself that you can – you will.

So now you know why I’m The Awakening Author and what the logo stands for. You never give up and you certainly don’t let life dictate who you are. Life is a sandbox and you are building whatever you want. So go build it.


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