All of my future work…FREE!


So here’s the deal.

I’m roughly $300 bucks away from “comfortably” writing full-time each month. As in, not having to worry about what (and when) I’m eating. I’ve set up a Patreon page in hopes of hitting that $300 mark. For $2/month, you (or a neighbor…spread the word) can get all of my future work for free! Well, for $2/month, when you get right down to it.

If/when the Patreon page hits $300/month (or more, as I never look a gift horse in the mouth), I will also send each backer all of my previous work! I’m going to continue to write, no matter what. If you can’t afford to donate $2/month, I totally understand. I write for a living, remember? But if you could take a moment to put the word out on Twitter or Facebook, that would be awesome. I would greatly appreciate it.

As always, you guys/gals rock!

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