Nintendo is only a reflection.


Nintendo is only a reflection of why people are starting to turn on the gaming industry. The NES Classic Edition (or rather the blitz to find one) is honest proof that people are ready to retreat from the time of hour-long downloads and patches and return to a time when you could plug and play. I know…it sounds ridiculous.

But the right system (in this case the NES) bundled with the promise of simplicity is all it took to knock the gaming world on its ass. The Wii U, which was a complete disaster, has now been outsold by this basic console that contains thirty year-old games. Worse is the fact that Nintendo doesn’t even see this trend. They have yet another gimmick system (Nintendo Switch) set to release soon and it has no hope of matching the popularity of this very basic NES Classic Edition.

I’ll keep this blog short because it doesn’t need to be long. Consumers are now sending a strong message to the gaming industry. We’re sick and tired of buying a gaming console on Friday and finally having a chance to play it on Sunday morning. These massive updates try to mask the fact that most games are now rushed to market and not polished enough to stand on their own. XBOX nearly lost the generation of gaming before it left the gates as they tried to force internet connectivity onto their customers. The online-only Steam console has gained no steam whatsoever and the PS4 is merely winning by default.

Could a really simple gaming system please step forward and assume the throne? Could you imagine how large an 8-bit Zelda game would be on a Blu-ray disc?

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo is only a reflection.

  1. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine to buy a modern game only to find out that it was over-hyped and doesn’t work as intended. And yes, the massive updates are annoying. I remember not too long ago when a 1 gigabyte update seemed excessive. Now, you can get hammered with 15 to 20 gigabyte updates. If you don’t have a super-fast connection, you won’t be playing anytime soon. And then there’s the issue of games taking up so much space on the consoles. You pop the game in the drive and then get a message that there’s not enough room on your hard drive. So, you have to make a decision what gets the boot. And with 4K gaming on the horizon, you can bet the updates and installs are going to get even larger.

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