Gunship/Fleet Data

Skyla System: Home to 1,278 planets, including 27 giants, 13 suns,  41 non-habitable moons and 5 large space stations. Humans: The most dominant race of beings in the Skyla System. Husk: Orc in appearance. Green skin, exceptionally muscular and several feet taller than the average human. Sworn enemies of the hunters. Hunters: Gothic vampires whoContinue reading “Gunship/Fleet Data”

TNA Wrestling isn’t dead yet.

It’s become an annual event of sorts, hasn’t it? Around this time of the year rumors tend to swirl that TNA Wrestling is going under. Well this year I’m not buying it. Sure, there’s no question that Impact Wrestling is well below par, which has long been set by the WWE. That said, TNA continuesContinue reading “TNA Wrestling isn’t dead yet.”

Will You Visit the Graveyard?

One brother is secretly dealing with addiction problems and the other brother doesn’t have the right temperament to lead. They now find themselves on opposite sides of a civil war that is ripping the galaxy apart at its seams. Once a year, both men agree to meet under a flag of truce at their mother’sContinue reading “Will You Visit the Graveyard?”