The Netflix Divorce


A few years ago I posted a Netflix vs. Hulu Plus blog and let me just say that my heart is in a different place these days. Netflix and I just suffered through a rather painful divorce and I’m a better man because of it.

The content just isn’t there anymore. Well, technically it is, which is part of the problem. While Netflix does offer plenty of original series entries, none of them were for me. I tried each of them and quickly moved on, though my wife (in real life) continued to watch Fuller House. Why…I don’t know.

Netflix has grown stale. While it’s still better than shelling out a hundred bucks each month for cable or satellite, it can’t compare with my new television love.


My biggest complaint back in the 2013 blog was the fact that Hulu Plus lacked movies and honestly, they are still behind Netflix on this. But they’ve closed the gap considerably, and I dare say that Netflix’s top movies pale in comparison to Hulu’s current offerings. On Netflix, I was hit with monthly updates of shows I didn’t care about with a decent season here and there. On Hulu Plus, I get daily content added to the library and they are relevant shows. I jumped a couple of dollars more each month and now I’m watching them commercial free, just like Netflix.

This week I’m watching Seinfeld in HD. All of ’em. It’s a pretty exciting time. I’m sorry Netflix, but you had to go. I thought about keeping you both for a while, but after not watching you for well over a month, your offerings became white noise.

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2 thoughts on “The Netflix Divorce

  1. I agree 87%. Sadly, that last 13% is Stranger Things, Travelers, and a handful of other Netflix Originals that are surprisingly fun to watch. (Though Fuller House? Never!)

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