The Next Gunship

Gunship: 8 Book Collection  –  The Fleet: 8 Book Collection

I wanted to take a moment to introduce the newest chapter of the Gunship universe. You folks have asked for more and I’m proud to announce Lagoon, a brand new spin off of everyone’s favorite science fiction franchise!

If you’ve followed the story since the beginning, you already know about the civil war and infection that nearly ended humanity (if you haven’t, see the links above). When thousands of ships are destroyed and left to float throughout space, and when complete worlds are overrun with infected, who cleans up the mess? Scrappers, of course!

Lagoon follows Captain Lara Christopherson and her crew as they seek out the destruction of years gone by, in hopes of turning their findings into profit. Along the way they’ll encounter other scrapping crews, infected, strange new worlds and all kinds of other science fiction goodness.

For those who’ve supported Gunship since day one, thank you. Your feedback and encouragement has led to plenty of great adventures (as well as a #1 bestseller). Now, buckle up and prepare for the next great series.


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