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It ain’t rocket science, folks. When you write good stories about characters that people care about, they tend to ask for more. Now I hear that there’s another series based on the Skyla System. The same place that I call home. Well no shit; it was bound to happen. Readers want to know more about this infection of ours and how it led to people becoming undead. Hell, I want to know more about it. Other science fiction franchises are spewing out all this mumbo jumbo about the diameter of spaceships and how the overhead lighting works. Here, it’s about vampires in space, bedding down women as they come and sucking a whiskey bottle dry.

Here…it’s about adventure.

I ain’t coming out of retirement, if that’s what you’re thinking. Na, I reckon I’ll sit here and smoke cigars until the first book of Lagoon is ready. Then we can read it together.

-Dalton James

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