TNA Wrestling isn’t dead yet.


It’s become an annual event of sorts, hasn’t it? Around this time of the year rumors tend to swirl that TNA Wrestling is going under. Well this year I’m not buying it. Sure, there’s no question that Impact Wrestling is well below par, which has long been set by the WWE.

That said, TNA continues to move forward. That’s not exactly an easy thing to do when you’re living in the shadow of the WWE. A place where many of wrestling federations have fallen by the wayside.

The TNA needs to continue doing things that the WWE blunders. The WWE is top-heavy with talent, which means plenty of folks aren’t getting over. This is a golden opportunity for TNA Wrestling. The Hardy Brothers are fantastic, but you need more. You need your own network (an online version would do just fine). You have a rich catalog of content, TNA, which is why the WWE is interested. Don’t sell that content to them – use it to your advantage instead. Become the wrestling federation that I know you can be. Trust me, millions of wrestling fans are waiting for you to rise up and begin pounding the stale WWE brand.

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