Gunship/Fleet Data

Skyla System: Home to 1,278 planets, including 27 giants, 13 suns,  41 non-habitable moons and 5 large space stations.

Humans: The most dominant race of beings in the Skyla System.

Husk: Orc in appearance. Green skin, exceptionally muscular and several feet taller than the average human. Sworn enemies of the hunters.

Hunters: Gothic vampires who generally push for the destruction of humanity, but not always. They prefer sleek weaponry, but use everything from a basic sword to laser rifles.

Benzan Mafia: Humans who are well-trained in the art of war. Gangsters in every sense of the word, and generally work for the highest bidder.

Krall: Wolf-like warriors who stand upright and have proven incredibly tough to kill. They also depend heavily on technology.

Viscion: Thin alien beings who are the most tech-heavy of the Skyla System. Their race is powered by self-charging crystals and their motive is clear. Cannibalistic toward any and all other races.

Glimmeria: The central most planet in the Skyla System. Primarily a desert planet and heavily populated.

Colonials: Faction comprised of human, husk and benzan forces.

Legion: Faction comprised of hunter, krall and viscion forces.

Goliath: Robotic super soldiers that were first developed by the Colonial Army.

Swordfish: One man ship-to-ship fighters aboard the Colonial Starships.

Colonial Starship: Largest Colonial warship. Capacity, 10,000 soldiers.

Carrier Ship: Used by human, hunter and viscion forces. While smaller than the Colonial Starship, the carrier is a destroyer class ship. Capacity, 6,000 soldiers.

Knocker: Pirate-style gun used heavily during the first great war. Single shot with a large brass handle, often used to “knock” the hell out of an opponent.

Mack Cannon: Underground surface-to-space cannons capable of punching large holes in ships that are in orbit.

Elite: Very large hunter unit capable of defeating nearly a dozen human soldiers on its own. Often a legendary warrior who’s been converted with vampire DNA.

The Drifts: A string of both planets and small moons on the outer most part of the Skyla System. A very simple lifestyle, much like that of the American Wild West. Also the birthplace of the Mortakin Virus. Nicknamed the bone harvest because of its abundance of living dead.

Mortakin Virus: An infection which nearly wiped out the entire Skyla System, affecting only the human race. Those who are infected become zombie-like and while they remain widespread throughout the drifts, most of the star system has recovered.

Alphas: Infected with the ability to reason. Rare, and very deadly opponents.

Exodus Fleet: During the first year of infection, humanity forms the Exodus Fleet and hosts a lottery. Those who are selected will accompany the fleet away from the Skyla System in search of a new home.

Chopper: Small squad-sized skiff ship with engines that thump similar to the blades of a helicopter, hence the nickname.

First Great War: Short-lived war in which the Colonials were crushed.

Second Great War: Lasted the span of five years. The Colonials ultimately defeated the Legion.

Third Great War: Both factions have built themselves up to the point of invincibility. Now, the Legion promises that it will be the “thousand year war”.

Please note: I am currently working with several people to build this list of details and information, complete with a map of the Skyla System. It’s a labor of love, and will take some time. Check back soon (and often)!


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