Scott Lane

I lost a good friend to cancer today. Truthfully, since the wife and I have had kids, I haven’t seen Scott a lot. But prior to having kids this guy was in our life and pretty much a part of the family. We watched countless football games together and even went to one (my first live NFL game). The best way I can describe Scott is one of the toughest son of a bitches I’ve ever known, who was never short on advice and was usually right to boot. The first time I actually used the internet was at this guy’s house and he laughed – called it a “fad”. I’m an author – I get paid to put things into words and right now, I can’t put into words how much this guy meant to me during my 20s and 30s. A complete father figure.

Today I learned a very hard lesson that we all already know, but sometimes forget. Life is short. We take things for granted even when we’re trying to keep life in perspective. I’m going to miss this guy a whole lot, but life must go on. I’m quickly learning that this is the hardest part of life. Not “figuring out what life is all about” or “making the kind of money I need to make”, but losing people who are irreplaceable. It has to be the most helpless feeling in the world.

Rest in peace, my friend.


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