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 gunshipflight hollowearthcover1 FINALCOVER1 TheColony.jpgdworld-2 fleet1.jpg

Also available on NOOK, KOBO and SMASHWORDS

I do my best to offer plenty of free books. Some authors are against doing this, but I’m also a reader and I happen to love free books. It gives me a chance to try out a new author and then decide if I’m buying more of their work. If you download any of my freebies and enjoy them, you can grab plenty more here. Even then, I try to offer my work at a very reasonable price. Even authors have to eat.


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  1. WOW thanks for these free books. I read your bio and had a good laugh just reading the first line. You mentioned that you write full time because you enjoy making things up lol . I can already tell that I will enjoy your books.

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