The Struggle of a True Author

Today I’m blogging about the struggle of a true author.

As I sit here, with absolutely no reason to continue writing, I plan to write harder than I ever have before. There’s a pinch being felt throughout the writing community right now and most of us have felt it. Declining sales and a world that is ever-dependent on other forms of media. Reading just isn’t “cool” anymore.

The struggle of a true author is to understand that we must write like we must breathe. There is no write here and write there, as we find the time. No, a true author doesn’t have the luxury of an on/off switch. Deep down, beneath the declining sales and the whispers around me of fellow authors quitting, is a desire to be great. I have studied the greatest of our craft and for a very long time, I wanted to be among them. Now I do not. I want to be better. The greatest authors of our time, by and large, have grown complacent. They have grown so used to success that writing is now secondary.

I will continue and I will succeed, and ultimately, the struggle will make me a better man for it.

A message for my fellow struggling authors.

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