First off, I gotta say it: this official console title is garbage. “Project Scorpio” was much better, and this falls more in line with “Wii U”. If you also take into consideration the fact that this game system looks very similar to the original XBOX ONE, I already see a lot of consumer confusion.

Launching on November 7th for $499, this is obviously a gaming system that is being pitched to a very limited crowd. Sorry, but your average gamer is not going to shell out $500 for a gaming system (study a little gaming history) and they certainly aren’t going to do it for a system that looks damn near identical to the system that came before it. With 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, I gotta admit, the games look great. Do they look $500 great? For about 90% of gamers here in the U.S. the answer is going to be no.

In the end, this gaming rig says a few things to me. First, Microsoft is now getting its ass kicked in the hardware industry. According to Video Game Charts, which publishes a weekly hardware sales chart, the Nintendo Switch is now outselling the XBOX ONE at a 5 to 1 pace. This new system is an admission on Microsoft’s part. Yes, tech junkies will devour this system come November, but they make up a very small percentage of the market (as most of them are PC gamers).

My advice is simple: pass on this system. It makes me wonder if the original XBOX ONE even needed to exist. This launch, the fact that the name basically mirrors the last XBOX and the botched price tag all spell one thing for me – Microsoft is in trouble, and I honestly believe they’re about to become the next SEGA.



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