My Biggest Regret

OK, my biggest regret when it comes to writing. This isn’t some romance confessional here, and I’m proud to say that my life has turned out pretty much the best way it could have. I married the right woman, did it for the right reasons and we have two of the greatest kids you could ask for.

No, I mean if I could go back in time six years and change one thing about my time as a writer, what would it be?


I would have went in with the knowledge that my Gunship series was going to catch fire right out of the gates. In fact, I would have written the first few books prior to publishing and I would have went with my original idea. Honestly, I had planned to break the crew (Roman, Dalton, Adam) up and begin three spin-offs. Instead, the night before I published Legendary, I went back in and completely rewrote the ending.



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