The Journal of Dalton James


What’s a young man supposed to do? The Legion threatened war today as the newly-formed Colonial Movement started announcing their own government. Ain’t no higher education in my future and I damn sure don’t plan on being a ditch digger like my daddy was. No sir, I signed on for military service with the Colonials and got a two-thousand credit bonus for doing it. Hell, everyone I know is signing up. I reckon this whole thing might blow over eventually, but it’s looking more like war each day. The hunters sided with the Legion almost immediately, which didn’t hurt my feelings none. I never did have much of a liking for the undead, especially vampires. The husk are with us, at least that’s what the newspapers are saying.

Truth is, I ain’t got a dog in this fight one way or another. My home planet just happens to be on the Colonial side of things and they’re paying a king’s ransom to fight, so that’s what I’m doing. I ship out in three days and they’re gonna train us on Glimmeria. A lot of guys are bitching about it – they say the heat there is ridiculous. Well, this farm boy is about to find out. Until then, two-thousand credits oughta bring me a fair amount of whiskey and skirt. More soon.

As work continues on the brand new series that will chronicle the First Glimmerian War, get caught up by reading about the Second Glimmerian War and its aftermath!

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