Back to School

Well, this year’s different. This year my youngest starts kindergarten and I’ll be here all alone (along with my famous pooch, of course). To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. Sure, I’ll be able to ratchet my writing up a lot and churn out more stories in an effort to keep eating. That’s all fine and well. But I’m gonna miss both kids a lot. I can’t remember what it was even like before they were here to keep me company!

It hurts my soul to look at my son (who’s terrified to start school) and get him excited about going, when deep down I don’t want him to go. My daughter either, for that matter. I suppose this is just one of many tough things parents have to do and there is probably a lot more moments like this on the horizon.

Parenting should come with a manual. I’m just saying.

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