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Right now, it’s a pretty busy place around here. We’re putting the finishing touches on my first full-length novel Wicked, which is already available in paperback and coming soon to the eBook world. I’m currently writing on Gunship: The New Breed, which is sure to make GS fans happy, and I’m also beginning the early stages of work on The Last One Home, which is the sequel to Brookhaven. There’s also been talk of novelizing the movie R.E.D.D. – we’ll see about that one, I suppose. And finally, my next big trick is to begin offering signed copies of Wicked. I’ll send out a newsletter when those become available.

In other news, both of my kids are now in school and this place gets pretty lonely. I do have a German Sheppard who’s as rotten as a kid, though. That’s it, folks. It’s the season of farmers markets and fall festivals, so I’m excited! If you’ve already grabbed my newest work and still want to support my dream (God bless you for it!), you can buy me a cup of coffee.



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