My Writing Voice

I’ve found it, folks! Somewhere between publishing Hollow Earth and finishing the rough draft of Wicked, I found my writing voice. You hear people talk about an author’s writing voice a lot – it’s when an author combines what they’ve learned with the books that they read for fun. Over the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time reading Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Rice Burroughs and a relatively unknown author named Lori Handeland. I’d like to think that my writing voice is somewhere in the middle of all of theirs.

I’ve found that a vast majority of success in this business is confidence. All writers struggle with it early on and then fall into a “comfort zone” where they begin to understand their writing voice. You become one with it, like a Jedi power. You stop overthinking and write what’s on your mind, with your chest out proudly.

I’m finally here. I’ve earned enough stripes to proudly stand on my own two feet and offer the world what I have because now I know that it’s enough.


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2 thoughts on “My Writing Voice

  1. John, this gives me hope for being a new author; I feel like it takes me forever to get a book done. There is so much to learn in this field. The hardest part is to find a good editor I can afford. If you have any advice, I would genuinely appreciate any help.

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