Under the Dome by Stephen King


So, I’m currently reading Under the Dome by Stephen King, and I’m 1/2 finished. I thought I’d blog about my experience thus far and then update this blog when I’m through the book. In case you didn’t know, this beast is massive. Though, at this point, I would be pissed if I would have paid the full asking price of (I think) $33.

Look, here it is in black and white. Stephen King is one helluva writer. We all know this, and yet I’m starting to feel duped the way I usually feel duped with a Stephen King novel. Aside from the fact that he’s already used the word apt at least a thousand times, King has a way of writing that is both simple, and very fancy. But the theme in all of his books seems to be the same. Every damn book. Someone is a low-life son of a bitch in private while presenting themselves as normal in public. I suppose this is real life, and I suppose it’s part of the reason that King gets over as well as he does.

He’s become very comparable (in my opinion) to M. Night Shyamalan in that he writes weird, spooky shit that often entertains, but ends very poorly. I expected more science fiction and less forced sex in a trailer, but we’ll see. I’m only halfway there.


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