Trimming My Friends

With this blog, I use the term “friends” lightly.


Gaining another year of age (er, experience) has taught me a few new tricks. The biggest, it seems, is finally understanding that I don’t have dozens of friends, but rather two or three people that I can really depend on. Oh, the countless hours I’ve spent trying to be a good friend to some of these people. Today I realize that, in terms of effort, 90% of it has been on my end.

You see, I’ve figured out that people like this (the friendship loafers, as I like to call them) are a huge drain on resources. I no longer have the time for people who refuse to make the effort. They’re cut off, and I’m standing here with the clippers. The bad habits (and bad friends) must go for the sake of productivity.

Bye, Felicia. 

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