Be Yourself


Is anyone else out there in Internet Land sick and tired of stating an opinion, and then having to explain it a thousand times over? Seriously, guys, I can’t tweet something nominal without hate tweets hitting my page from the offended. If I tweet the fact that I’m proud to be Icelandic, I’m hammered b/c of their laws when it comes to childbirth. Even though I don’t live there. And have never lived there. Ever.

If I say that I’m Christian, I’m a “mindless sheep”. If I admit that I’m a Republican, I’m (wow, there are a lot. Let’s see…) “racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant and the scourge of society”. If I talk about a hard day of work (writing), coal miners blow me up because it isn’t “real work”. If I complain about book sales, vagrants get on library computers to hate on me for “having it good” and if I say sales are good, I’m being a “blowhard author”.

When is it enough people, seriously? Is the average person really that unhappy with their life? Where I stand, it goes as follows:

*I’m a proud Christian that refuses to judge others based on their beliefs.

*I’m a proud Republican. Like most Republicans, we welcome any and all people to this country. Skin color, religion or even nationality has 0 importance to us, so long as you are willing to work for your lot in life, pay taxes, and be nice to other human beings.

*I’m an author, and proud of it. It is hard work. Unlike working at the widget factory, our paychecks vary greatly from month to month and in America, I have the right to bitch about it accordingly.

*I stand for the national anthem, and while I’m on this subject, what does not standing even do? Aside from land you in the unemployment line – nothing. I was raised to believe that if something is broken, you fix it. You don’t complain about it being broken. Don’t like the way police officers do their jobs? Become a police officer and do it better. Don’t respect our soldiers? Become a soldier and do it better. Be the beacon of difference, though I suspect that most of these people are too cowardly to do either. So they refuse to stand for our flag, which is the equivalent of my youngest son stomping his feet in the toy isle at Target.

Long story short – I’m a very happy person. I try to treat (all) others the same way that I want to be treated. I try my very best not to hate anyone, or their beliefs, so long as they aren’t trying to kill people. It’d be great if the rest of the world could join me.


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2 thoughts on “Be Yourself

  1. It certainly can be difficult to keep one’s head above the outrage. I’m still of a mind that the overwhelming majority just want to make an honest living, raise a family, and live their life as well as they can.

    An unfortunate side effect of social media is that there seems to be more chaff than wheat.

    I just like to think that middle America is too busy working and raising families to bitch and moan incessantly on twitter and Facebook. 😆👍

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