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Cookies are for closers. By now you folks know the deal: I co-authored a zombie series with a guy who couldn’t finish the job, fought through a “cease and desist” threat, and used Amazon’s own platform to earn more from Wicked than Amazon was offering through a publishing contract.

I cannot begin to tell you how many people have read this series (specifically the Journal of Emma Wilson) and asked for more. Dead on Monday came later and it’s a story that I’m very proud of. I mean, this series even uses a cover that I revived from the dead! Like me, Wicked has had every reason imaginable to just lay down and die. It has been written off, threatened, abandoned, and has somehow managed to pick itself up and thread its scars together to form a masterpiece.

Wicked: In the Flesh is coming soon! I cannot believe I’m saying that, yet I’m saying it with a matter-of-fact grin on my face. I’m planning a lot more for the official canon, too. Some zombie franchises enter the world of publishing with a huge bang, but my prized horse chops away slow and steady. Let’s face it: things that go “bang” eventually run out of ammo. I’ll keep my machete and simply sharpen it from time to time.

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