My Honest Review of Sling TV

We’ve been thinking of making the switch for a while. Now that Netflix refuses to add decent content and Hulu’s interface is a mess, my wife and I finally dropped both and signed up for Sling TV. Here’s what we found.


The Good: We found the interface on Sling TV to be great (especially the guide). It basically works the same way Dish Network does, and it’s fast. Much faster than either Netflix or Hulu. So far we’ve had 0 problems streaming live TV. The setup was ultra simple, and they offer the NHL Network, which makes me happy! Sling TV offers 2 packages (Orange, Blue) and we signed up for Blue, as Orange only streams to 1 TV at a time. Blue streams to 3, and is just $5 extra per month (it’s $25).

The Bad: My biggest complaint with Sling TV is their website. Honestly, it’s a mess. As we were signing up, we still weren’t 100% sure as to which channels were included in the Blue package (without adding additional packages). Our top 3 most-wanted channels were the NHL Network, The Hallmark Channel, and Teen Nick. None of which were in the Blue (or Orange) package. The NHL Network cost me $10 (via a sports package), the Hallmark Channel cost an additional $5, and Teen Nick cost yet another $5. In other words, our TV bill jumped from $25 to $45 within minutes.

The Verdict: We’ll most likely end up keeping Sling TV (unless unexpected problems or costs pop up). $45 for a decent offering of live TV isn’t bad, but again, I wish their website was a little more helpful. They promote themselves as “a la carte”, but that implies you have the ability to add only the channels you want. You don’t. Instead (much like cable or Dish/Direct), you add a base package which includes a bunch of channels you don’t care about and then purchase additional packages in order to get what you want. Both the Orange and Blue packages are essentially toll booths that you must pay in order to get to the content you truly want. Still, if you’re looking for live TV, I’d suggest this option over the more conventional options out there.


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