That Red Motorcycle

Suzuki Hayabusa Modified bikes

As I sit here novelizing the sequel to the movie R.E.D.D., something cool is about to happen. Director Patrick Prejusa really wanted a motorcycle chase scene in the original film, but it just wasn’t possible at the time. Right now, Patrick’s having a tough time with his health (but continues to be positive, which is one of the reasons I respect the guy). I thought it’d be really cool to put that motorcycle scene into this novel and the bike, a red Hayabusa, of course, is a perfect fit for Agent R.E.D.D.

I’ve been around the Hayabusa quite a bit and I know what it can do. In case you aren’t familiar, this thing handles completely different than your typical motorcycle. Plus, its sound is second to none. So I anticipate that this will be one (of many) great spots in this upcoming novel.

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