Hello Summer


Summer is quickly approaching and that means different things for different people. In my life, it’s a pretty big deal. I’m finally in that college journalism class (I’ve been waiting for that), I have the summer to finish novelizing the sequel to the motion picture REDD (I’ve waited five years for that), and I’m teaming up with a friend to produce a fan-made show called Survivor: Claytor Lake. Yep, I’be been waiting on that one too. I’m also celebrating seventeen years of marriage to my wonderful wife, heading to the most epic concert of all-time, and planning a massive family vacation.

But there’s something else, something very exciting: We’ll be returning to a small down just west of here – a place that we randomly visited one day and fell in love with. A place with the most beautiful duck pond you’ve ever seen. The people are friendly, and the town’s only coffee shop is, quite possibly, the coolest place that I’ve ever visited. In fact, I even wrote a short story called Brookhaven, which is based on this forgotten little piece of heaven. This summer, we not only return to visit, but also to look at houses for sale. 

Yep, it’s going to be a great summer.

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