Dalton James Lives

OK, I’m halfway through the rough draft of REDD 2 and Dalton James has arrived. No, he’s not here to steal the show, but he’s found a way to creep in and give longtime Gunship fans what they crave. Actually, this is more like Dalton James circa Heroes, as he’s Magic Valley’s finest detective in 1997, but no matter! The whiskey hoarding tough guy is back!


Dalton James and I have a unique arrangement. You see, he pops in and out whenever he damn well pleases and I simply document the experience. That’s how writing works – that how the character finds his way to the page; Dalton sits next to me at the kitchen table, drinks whiskey, smokes (far) too often, and offers a story or two from time to time. When he does offer up his adventurous lore, I strike gold. When he doesn’t say a word, I end up writing my tail off, only to have my story crash and burn. I stress. He laughs. “Daring not to give a damn.” as he likes to call it.

Point is, this pulp legend has now staggered his way into the REDD universe and (pending Patrick Prejusa’s blessing), Dalton James’ adventures will continue with a spin-off series that is set in Magic Valley 1997. Wouldn’t that be something? Dalton thinks that it would. In fact, he’s here, right now, demanding that I tell you that. 

Either way, as I’m mere days from spending half a week out in the woods as a cast member of Survivor Claytor Lake (and hopefully winning!), my future in fiction is also front and center. Gunship isn’t my legacy after all. Dalton James is. He told me to say that, too.


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