Living With Vertigo

So, apparently vertigo is a real thing. I’ve written about it (in a humorous way) a few times in Gunship, only to find out that nothing’s funny about it. My world is literally spinning. Caffeine seems to work for a bit, as do the prescription meds. Still, this one blindsided me. LUCKILY, REDD 2 wasContinue reading “Living With Vertigo”


Writing is hard work! I once got an email from a guy who disputed that, and I politely explained to him that it wasn’t “back-breaking” work, but writing is hard. Competing with mainstream authors isn’t as easy as you might think. They have publishing companies who are willing to fork out thousands of dollars for advertising.Continue reading

“Understanding the Tempest is the key to everything.” Shortly after being transported to the Tempest during a World War 2 firefight, Lincoln Davenport is left with more questions than answers. He slowly learns of the interstellar webbing that is Tempest. Strongly guarded towers are the only means of travel from planet to planet, and everywhere LincolnContinue reading

The REDD 2 Cover Reveal!

Here it is, fans, in all of its glory! The official cover (above) will appear on all formats of REDD 2 (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and paperback). However, the official artwork by April Crum (below) will be available in print!  You may already know that REDD creator Patrick Prejusa has been battling multiple healthContinue reading “The REDD 2 Cover Reveal!”