Living With Vertigo

So, apparently vertigo is a real thing. I’ve written about it (in a humorous way) a few times in Gunship, only to find out that nothing’s funny about it. My world is literally spinning. Caffeine seems to work for a bit, as do the prescription meds. Still, this one blindsided me. LUCKILY, REDD 2 was already in cue to be published on 8/4 and is currently available for preorder. As for the next project?

We’ll have to wait and see. If you’re a fan of REDD (or if you haven’t picked up my latest story Wicked) then I suggest you pick this baby up, as it also includes Wicked as a bonus read.


Based on the feature film! Alice Little is a super soldier from the future, she just doesn’t know it yet. The GRIMM Corporation has sent its top assassin (Snow) to deal with the last R.E.D.D. agent. After a mishap lands them in the year 1997, Snow formulates a plan to end GRIMM’s biggest threat, once and for all. Meanwhile, Alice Little will enlist the help of Magic Valley’s finest detective, leading to the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil.

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REDD lands 8/3/2018!

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