The Hate Mail Begins

Well, to be honest, hate mail has been happening since late 2011. But I’m talking about The Angry Writer Podcast related hate mail. Yes, I spoke to several writing friends prior to launching this podcast and most of them warned me. They tried to warn me, at least. Honestly I expected better, even from theContinue reading “The Hate Mail Begins”


What do you need help with, Struggling Author?

The Angry Writer Podcast is officially on iTunes! If you’re a new or struggling author, I’d love to know what you need help with. I plan to respond to each of these questions on the podcast and I’m ready to tackle anything – covers, formatting, marketing, you name it! This is your opportunity to makeContinue reading “What do you need help with, Struggling Author?”

The Podcast Equipment Has Arrived!

*Just a quick update: The podcast equipment has arrived and we’re in the process of getting everything set up. The kids gloves are coming off for this show. Consider yourself warned. Currently, this is an audio-only podcast with dreams of one day streaming in HD video (we’re on a shoestring budget). If you are a new orContinue reading “The Podcast Equipment Has Arrived!”