The Podcast Equipment Has Arrived!

*Just a quick update: The podcast equipment has arrived and we’re in the process of getting everything set up. The kids gloves are coming off for this show. Consider yourself warned. Currently, this is an audio-only podcast with dreams of one day streaming in HD video (we’re on a shoestring budget). If you are a new or struggling author, you need this podcast. I guarantee you that this will instantly become the most controversial and informative podcast on all things writing and publishing.


Why so angry?

I’m sick and tired of watching new and struggling authors get scammed by the so-called “experts” and I’m on a mission to help each and every one of you – free of charge. The writing industry is nothing like it appears to be. After a decade of writing (and a handful of bestsellers) I’m about to expose it for what it is. Be warned, this is not your typical podcast on writing. Buy the #LitLion merch if you want to. Donate if you can. Either way, Lions own the day!

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