The Hate Mail Begins

Well, to be honest, hate mail has been happening since late 2011. But I’m talking about The Angry Writer Podcast related hate mail. Yes, I spoke to several writing friends prior to launching this podcast and most of them warned me. They tried to warn me, at least.


Honestly I expected better, even from the fangbangers. This guy (a Chuckie Wendig follower, of course) swooped in to defend his idol and, in doing so, shamed my podcast (which is a day old) for having no viewers. Yes, random guy with 16 views on your month-old feature video, I hear you. I’ve no ill will for you, even though I had more views today as I walked to the mailbox to check for my deliveries. A couple of people were mowing. They waved.

You see, rather than bash you online I plan to feature your podcast on my podcast this week! That’s right, I’m going to do everything in my power to send viewership your way. I’m here to help all fangbangers, even you. Most of you have been waiting in line for so long that you honestly don’t know any better at this point. Vampires: Bad. Soul-sucking leeches of the publishing industry that will use and dispose of you as they see fit. Lit Lions: Good. We are the ones that the vampires fear, and for good reason. We’re here to help you.

What’s all this talk about vampires and lions? This week’s podcast explains all. Oh, by the way, the podcast is doing fine. We’re not focused on YouTube views so much as we are funneling looks from Twitter to iTunes. Just saying.



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3 thoughts on “The Hate Mail Begins

  1. I’ll see if I can figure out how to listen to it. iTunes doesn’t exist for my Desktop Linux PC, but perhaps I can get it to run in my Virtualbox Win 7 or if there are some compatible Linux programs, I’ll investigate. Worst case, I’ll have to dig up my MacBook which got iTunes installed by defult.

    1. My original netbook still has Linux (I think b/c it has virtually no memory). It was harder for me to figure out how to navigate Linux, but from what I remember it was more dependable than Windows.

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