Starbuck and Apollo

I’ve spent the last week doing things that I normally do, but my mind’s been preoccupied. I’ve been thinking about the dynamic between Starbuck and Apollo. Let’s face it, we all have our Starbuck or Apollo, respectively. All of us.

The thing is, Starbuck and Apollo understand each other. Life goes on as it always does. Starbuck loves Sam and Apollo loves Dee Dualla. Producers even went so far as to eventually put each couple on a different ship but understood that their paths would always run parallel. These two could be on the opposite ends of a galaxy and still know what the other was thinking.

No, Starbuck and Apollo weren’t destined to be together, but that’s OK. You see, they share an even stronger bond, something that transcends friendship or even a love affair. These two share a bond that, no matter how dire things may look, they have God above watching out for them, and they also understand that someone is out there thinking of them. Both Starbuck and Apollo have dirt on their hands. Who doesn’t? Each has said incredibly harsh things in the past but that’s also OK, because their conversation officially ended five seconds after they first locked eyes. We’re in this together.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched this TV show. I have to, it’s relevant. Even as I look at the picture above, I see a conversation without words. Apollo can’t be with Starbuck and understands that she can’t be with him, either. They both have made promises and have the integrity to keep those promises. Yet Apollo wants Starbuck to understand that she’s always in his heart – always on his mind. He cares for her in a way that he’s not even sure she’ll ever understand, yet he’s happy because he knows that she’s happy. Apollo’s look isn’t about causing hurt or indecision, he understands that both of them are exactly where they should be. But he wants Starbuck to know that he cares. He’s never stopped. He’s about to ask if they can just shake hands and agree to be friends forever – the type of friendship that best friends can only dream of.

But he doesn’t have to. Apollo believes that she feels the same way. That’s enough to put his heart at ease. Their relationship first struck me as complicated, but the more I watch this show, the more I begin to understand how simple their dynamic actually is. It’s OK to be married and committed to someone while also caring about your friend who’s a million miles away. Starbuck and Apollo became very familiar with the line more than once, but they never crossed it. Each of them have too much integrity for that.

In the end, Apollo will always consider Starbuck to be his closest friend. There’s no shame in that.

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3 thoughts on “Starbuck and Apollo

  1. Are you still friends? It would be a shame if you weren’t. Anyway, well-written post. The story of Starbuck and Apollo is one of my favorite stories, although the “ending “ sucked. At least both of them lived.

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