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I know, folks, it’s been a while. To be completely honest, I’ve been busy podcasting while also attending college and fighting off some health issues. Even so, I haven’t stopped writing. I’m in this really strange place where I’m questioning the genre I write in, a lot of the content I’ve written, while also trying to build the Book Commander Brand.

What is the brand? We’re doing our very best to strengthen the platform, so to speak. Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, PayPal, Instagram, iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play – you name it, we’re building it. Other than iHeartRadio, of course. If you follow the podcast then you know the deal: the Book Commander Podcast has basically been blacklisted from iHeart due to (we believe) the fact that we’re making noise as the only anti-traditional publishing broadcast out there.

I’m doing everything I can to help new and struggling authors, period. That’s what the Book Commander Brand is all about. As emails and tweets come in, and as I see social media posts abroad, I act accordingly. The “Ratpack” as I’ve come to know it is a group of young authors who I stared out with. I suppose you could call us the “Class of 2011”. I’m sad to report that as of four hours ago there are only 2 of us left (we once stood two dozen strong). Most of the Ratpack have now shuttered their social accounts and abandoned writing, and they’ve done so because of the publishing industry and its evil underbelly.

I’m on a mission to expose that evil underbelly.

I have watched my friends be systematically destroyed, one by one, by the vampires of the publishing world. I’ve seen hopes and dreams shattered and as the trend of self-publishing grows, these vampires become more and more desperate, doing anything they can to hold what real estate they can, even if it means ruining the careers of many aspiring authors. I’m fighting this “machine” and, as I said on one of my podcasts, I am the “rage against the machine”. I need your help. If you can afford to help fund this effort please do, and if you can’t help financially then I’m asking you to support me by liking and following our platforms. The Big Six publishers and their lit agents have massive war chests of resources in which to pull from. We don’t – the Book Commander Brand consists of a handful of people, a shoestring budget, and the truth. Join us!



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