Well folks, I’ve somehow done it again. I’m knee-deep in 3 different writing projects and remember swearing to myself the last time it happened (and the time before) that I’d never do it again. The first is a Gunship story titled The Red Order. It’s actually been in my head for several years and follows Foster and the survivors of Gunship: Graveyard, albeit several years later. The second is a sequel to Immortal (formerly Heroes of Destiny). I’m very excited about this one as it promises the return of pulp’s living legend, Dalton James. Finally, I’ve kicked the door in on a project that personal for me. See, I loved writing Wicked and absolutely love to read zombie fiction. That said, I’m a World War 2 nerd. Well, allow me to introduce you to the best of both worlds, Dead Army


I can’t say which one of these titles will be finished first because truthfully I don’t know. I’m hammering on each of them as I can, between college classes. You’ll be the first to know when the other two (cough) masterpieces have official covers. Until then…


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