covid-19 – What to Expect, America


Crazy times, folks! As I write this blog (and sip some coffee) here at the Zombie Radio Command Center, I hope everyone out there is doing OK. A lot of you are now sheltered in place – some of you under a mandatory lockdown. I’ve been trying to help folks prepare for weeks and wanted to take a few moments to explain what 2020 will look like for most of you in America. Here goes…

This week (starting tomorrow 3/23/2020) Americans will begin to see a run on the banks. That’s prepper fancy talk for people rushing to the banks to withdraw everything they have. I strongly encourage you to do the same, as soon as possible. In the coming weeks most national banks will default to an ATM-only entity and those ATMs will be as barren as Madonna’s taste in music. They’ll use the guise of (no contact) when, in reality, they don’t have everyone’s money. Trust me when I say that preppers will withdraw their money from banks (a.k.a. “run on the bank”) and the less prepared will then make their own run on ATM machines. Regardless of what MSM news tells you, after Friday (3/27) your money isn’t safe.

A big shoutout to the folks on Twitter who bragged about prepping 2 weeks’ worth of beer and Oreo cookies. Many of you are now locked down in your respective areas with nothing more than empty beer cans and cookies. Meanwhile, the rest of us have plenty of food onhand. If you are not under a mandatory lockdown, you will be soon enough. Bank on it. Use this time to get any last minute items for long-term survival but avoid the common hot spots such as Wal-Mart and major grocery stores. These are lost to us preppers at this point – they are virtually wiped out and very crowded, which means potential exposure to the virus. Instead, check with your local farming stores (Rural King, Tractor Supply Co.) and any off-the-beaten-path stores in your area. I’m told that Amish stores are mostly untouched, and I keep my ear to the ground of the prepping community. If you have no choice but to hit your local Wal-Mart, prep smart. Think outside of the box. While people are hoarding batteries, bottled water, and toilet paper (?), think about the Brita water filtering systems and solar powered items. Need groceries? Opt for the pickup option and forgo entering the store.

So far my timeline on covid-19 events has been pretty spot-on. Here’s what to expect next:

A Run on the Banks

A Mandatory National Lockdown Period

National Guard Deployed to All 50 States

Severe Shortage of Food

A Collapsed Medical Industry

Possible Utility Interruption

A Gasoline Shortage

Looting (Primarily in Urban Areas)

A 25% Infection Rate Nation Wide

A Total Economic Collapse

The 2nd Great Depression

Personally, I believe these events will have run their course in approximately 5 years. The covid-19 itself will last approximately 1 1/2 years, followed by 3 1/2 years of the worst economic depression the United States has ever faced. Please understand that I’m not pulling these numbers out of the sky, but rather I’ve studied the patterns of past epidemics.

Yes folks, the United States will survive. But what will our nation look like following the covid-19 event? Several of our liberties (the Right to Bear Arms?) will have come under attack during this process. Is it legal to force citizens into lockdown here in the United States? Is it legal for the United States to seize citizen property? Constitutionally speaking, we are in uncharted territory. That’s what should scare you the most. -JD



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3 thoughts on “covid-19 – What to Expect, America

  1. I could definitely see the shortage of food, there’s hardly nothing at the stores now. Thanks for the list.

  2. Well John….one year later and we can certainly tick off a number of events on your list….wonder how long before the rest come to pass?
    By the way – I’ve been enjoying your Youtube channel for some time now. Prepping here in New Zealand for the last 10 years or so, very into being as self reliant as possible for food production…and community prepping. Keep up the good work.

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